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Why you must empty your pockets

Today we have #LaundryDay tips number 1! And we are not talking about emptying your pockets in a way that you will be giving all your money away to someone else (lol), but why you must check all your pockets before doing laundry.

60 Graus staff found everything you can image since we opened for business. In our worst nightmare, a pen exploded and it stained all the client´s clothes. Another scene of a horror movie was when a rock got away from the pants pocket, making sparks during spin cycle - for a moment we thought about having to call the firefighters.

Aaaaaanyways... below is a list of very weird objects we have found when doing laundry. That is why we joke we should have our own Netflix show! So always, ALWAYS, remove everything from the pocktes before doing laundry!

  1. 470 Dollars (and the client tip our staff 5 bucks, yay!)

  2. 180 Euros (and the client tip our staff 80 euros, YAY, YAY, YAY!)

  3. A remote control (no joking)

  4. A rock (I have chills just to remember the sparks)

  5. Pens, lots of them

  6. Bubble Gum (damaging our tumble dryer)

  7. Lighters (the most forgotten item)

  8. Tissues (they break during the washing and it´s a trouble to remove the pieces)

  9. Coins and Credit Cards

  10. Hair clips

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