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A vibrant community

60 Graus is proudly part of Santos & Santa Catarina areas, where Lisboners have been living for decades. More recently, these neighboorhoods have been chosen by expats that decided to make Lisbon their homes. It´s so cool to have among our customers locals and people from all over the world!

Meet some of our neighbors and clients (from top to bottom):

Pedro, born in Argentina and raised in Lisbon, owns the delicious SanTelmo restaurant;

Maria, from Russia;

Ana, from Lisbon, a school teacher that has been our customer since we opened;

Peter, from Kooa Hair;

Shadilla, a Brazilian nurse that has been in Lisbon for a couple of years;

Lurdes, the "ambassador" of the neighboorhood, as she was born here and never moved;

Ieva, from specialty coffee shop Buna Portugal;

Elisabeth, from A Tosquiaria, the perfect place to take your pet for a spa day;

Cheryl, American that made Lisbon her home and TikTok star!

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