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60 Graus - Beyond Laundry

60 Graus was born with the mission to make laundry day a fun day! We are the first concept laundromat of Lisbon because we are a laundromat + shop + space for workshops and talks. 

Opened in October, 2019, we are located in the vibrant neighborhood of Santos.  We know that time is precious, so here you can basically just drop your laundry and come back later to pick up everything washed, dried and folded.

At our shop, you can get our exclusive Laundry Spray and ecofriendly laundry bags, soy scented candles, home sprays, etc. We want your house to smell nice too. 

In the back, you will find Laundry Day Patio, a beautiful open space where we promote events during Spring & Summer. 

We can't wait to meet you!

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